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December 2008: Winterize Yourself

Welcome to the Women’s Quest Museletter:

In this issue you will find:

1. Ski conditioning with Christina Russel
2. Building an Aerobic Base with Lorraine Moller
3. Lorraine’s book “On the Wings of Mercury” for sale
4. Winterizing your hair with Semeli Organics
5. Winter Solstice with Colleen Cannon
6. MBT new title sponsor of Women’s Quest
7. Women’s Quest Winter Wonderfest  Feb 4-8th
8. Women’s Quest Gift Certificates available and other great gift ideas with Sherpani, MBT and Athleta

Ski Conditioning
by Christina Russell, Women’s Quest

Every fall, the approaching ski season brings excitement to avid skiers across the country. When most of us think of returning to snow, we recall the sizzle of our quads as they seared with burning pain from the first punishing bump runs of the year. The natural inclination is to head to the gym and push some heavy weights to gain strength. While it is important to prepare the legs for guiding us downhill, neglecting other aspects of the sport’s demands leaves some body regions incapable of matching stronger areas and thus we can be more vulnerable to injury. A comprehensive program blends leg strength and power with core strength, agility, aerobics, and balance, incorporating a series of progressively harder exercises to challenge your abilities and skills as they progress. Here are several of the basics that can get you started on your quest to grace the slopes with panache… (more)

Now that we are in the throes of Winter and our inclination is to curl up in bed with a hot toddy and a good book, rather than bundling up and braving the cold, how do we keep our fitness routines intact?

First off, do not fight the “hibernation” instinct. It is natural and worked with can balance out your training to your great advantage. This is the time to slow down and build a base. Whether you are running, hiking, cycling or swimming, leave your summertime aspirations for intense activity behind and concentrate on long, slow, steady aerobic activity. Remember the term aerobic? It means “with oxygen” as opposed to working yourself hard enough that you are out of breath. The acid test – you should be able to carry a conversation while you are working out aerobically.

An entire season of aerobic workouts will set you up nicely for your summertime season of competition for the following reasons:

  • Since aerobic activity burns fatty acids you will become efficient at burning fats. The longer you work out aerobically, the more fat you will burn up and the greater your endurance. You will keep chugging along way past the time when your speedy buddies have bit the dust, and will be able to handle the faster workouts when Spring comes.
  • Your body will build a fantastic network of blood supply to your peripheral tissues supplying life-giving oxygen to your entire body. Healthy! Healthy!!
  • Tendons, ligaments and muscles have a chance to catch up to their faster developing counterparts, heart and lungs. Come summer, you will be less apt to pull a muscle or develop a nagging Achilles tendon when you speed up.

Long, Slow Distance activity puts you into a whole brain state and promotes endorphin production. No wonder it is popularly referred to as LSD. With both sides of your brain activated you will be wonderfully creative while working out and will hold that wonderful feeling of well-being for hours afterwards. Just the prescription for the wintertime blues!

Lorraine’s book “On the Wings of Mercury” for sale

Read this amazing book by Olympic Bronze medalist and World Champion marathon runner Lorraine Moller on her exciting “Heroins Journey” to the top of marathon running! “The best autobiography of an athlete I have ever read” Scott Molina, World, National and Ironman Champion triathlete.

If you wish to purchase this book please send a check for $30 (this includes shipping and handling) to:

Wings of Mercury
716 Spruce Street
Boulder, CO 80302

Please indicate if you wish to have your book autographed.

Winterizing Your Hair from Semeli

Whether you experience hat hair, static electricity, split ends or dry frizz, when winter weather hits, a bad hair day can seem to last the entire season. At the top of your list should be the regular use of a moisturizing shampoo loaded with nutrients and specific to your hair type. Shampoo lays the groundwork for how hair receives and reacts to conditioner and other styling products. Follow with a rich restorative conditioner. Key ingredients to look for are proteins, panthenol, and omega-3’s. Products that contain essential fatty acids and humectants are best as they help attract and hold moisture which is critical during this season. Remember, the more natural a product is and the fewer chemicals it contains the better off your hair will be, any time of year.Additionally, by applying a deep moisturizing treatment once or twice a week that remains on the hair for at least 20 minutes is extra ammunition in your fight against the elements. Most importantly, limit your time under a blow dryer and be sure to use warm, not hot water when shampooing. This too is good advice for any season.For color treated hair, be sure to use a color sealant which helps protect and moisturize hair. If you color your hair in winter, always cover your head when outdoors, and always use a shampoo and conditioner specific for color-treated hair.Semeli Natural products has everything you need to keep your lock looking lovely. Visit our website at Use promotion code WQ1208 for a holiday gift of 15% off your next order. Hurray don't delay the offer expires 12/15/08.

Winter Solstice with Colleen Cannon

The Winter Solstice marks the "official" beginning of WINTER. It is a traditional celebration of the birth of LIGHT. December 21st, winter solstice, is the day of the longest night. From that night forward we will have more light. YIPPEE! The Winter Solstice marks a crucial part of the NATURAL CYCLE. As the sun begins its journey toward longer days, times of new growth and renewal are ahead.

The winter solstice (meaning “to cause the sun to stand still” in Latin) has been celebrated throughout time by just about every culture on the planet. This is the point of the year when the sun, and the light begins to return. As such, for centuries many cultures associated the winter solstice with birth and death and honored this point with ceremonies and monuments. In ancient Greece, the winter solstice was called Lenaea, or the Festival of the Wild Women. Yee Haw!

Whatever your beliefs, the winter solstice is a powerful time of the year, physically, emotionally and spiritually. My friend Rolando, who is an internationally known Tuscan sculptor (and very wise alchemist) says, “The winter solstice is cause for joyous feasting because it’s the “Christmas of Nature”. This is the time when you flip the frittata.” The frittata is done on one side and the seasons are ready for a turn. Use this time to revisit your life and your heart to better understand what is important to you at your core. This is a powerful time of change and rebirth. Use it help you become a radiant light force throughout the winter.

Tips of how to allow “Comfort and Joy”

* Restore! December is a month when cheerfulness is pushed on us in commercial doses, but it isn't really the mood of the season. The "natural" mood of the month is introspection, self-doubt, questioning, and withdrawal. The elements are turning us inward for our resting season. Animals know this is the season to hibernate so take their cue and retreat inside for some self-analysis and de-stressing. Be gentle with yourself. This is the time of the year for restoration and rejuvenation. Take time out from pushing your body, striving for success, and mental noise. If you have not learned to meditate give yourself the gift of a lifetime and dedicate some in-time to your mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

* Sleep! *Solstice derives from an ancient Latin word meaning "stop," or "to stand still." Make sure you take time for yourself during the Holy-Daze, especially on the solstice. Luxuriate in a warm bath by candlelight to honor your inner being and go to bed early for some extra ZZZ's. Being the shortest day, nature intends for us to get some extra sleep. Here is the key to staying healthy:

* Celebrate! Long before Christmas, people celebrated the Winter Solstice. They felt this made the Sun God happy and hurried the coming of spring. Celebrations were held on the eve of the shortest day of the year, winter solstice. Celebration in thoughtful, appreciative ways such as brewing a warm cup of tea, baking some cookies, or placing sunflower seeds outside for wild birds to munch. It is fun to watch them celebrating with a treat! I enjoy hanging evergreens around my home this time of year. They smell delightful! Their green reminds me that life shines on, even when things may appear dead and withdrawn. Even better hang mistletoe in your doorway for good luck (and kisses!)

* Give Away the Old! Clean out those dark spaces in cluttered drawers and closets and give away all that you do not use. If you are part of a group or a neighborhood, take up a collection of food and/or clothing and give what you collected to a social service agency to distribute to people in need. This way you have affirmed the clearing out process and made some room for the light to come in.

*Start Anew! After winter solstice start over on your new plans and programs, building from the beginning to make yourself anew. Go slowly. Winter is the time for foundation building, and is only effective when built from the inside out!

“Go Slowly, Breath and Smile”
(this is my favorite saying by Thich Nhat Hahn

MBT new title sponsor of Women’s Quest

We are starting 2009 off in a big way with a new title sponsor ......MBT the anti shoe!!!. As I have gotten older (NOT!) I have been finding that my knees and hips have been starting to hurt from all my past triathlon training and crazy adventures. I went on a journey to find a solution and what I found was a very cool shoe... The MBT shoe was developed by a Swiss Engineer who studied barefoot cultures because he found they did not suffer from foot, knee, hop or back pain because they were always walking barefoot on soft, uneven natural ground.. Most foot, knee, hip and back problems come primarily from 2 things:repeated shock/compression and lack of stability/core muscles to protect our joints and posture

So... these ultra comfy cool shoes have an amazing rocker bottom which works with the natural balance system to correct posture and balance weight over the middle of the foot. You can wear this shoe and get a core work out!!!!

Check out MBT reasons to walk and get out and get your base training in with core strength at the same time in your MBT’s. View Amy''s exercise tips.

Women’s Quest Winter Wonderfest  Feb 4-8th

Give yourself the Gift of Adventure this Season: 2009 Winter Wonderfest Ski and Yoga Retreat

Feb 4-8th at Snow Mountain Ranch in Winter Park, Colorado under the Full Moon

This Winter retreat is the most delightful retreat that we do. We stay right on 100 K of freshly groomed ski trails, where we snowhoes, ski and sled right out our door. To balance out all our outdoor fun time we do 2 hours of yoga each morning with meditation and relaxation. To top it all off we help you jumpstart your fitness program and also help you with your Vision and Heart’s Desire for 2009..

We nurture you with great food and massage… So this retreat is your chance for renewal on every level. We top off this retreat by ending with the Governor’s Cup tour event at Devil’s Thumb Ranch

See for description, price, and details for this lovely winter retreat in the Rockies.

Great Gift Ideas

Did you know…

During the holidays, twenty five million extra tons of trash are produced in the U.S. each year. Booooo!!! So, when looking for last minute gift ideas, try these creative earth-friendly, low-waste options!

***Give the Gift of Time: give your friends certificates for help with babysitting, gardening, and other household chores.

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Becca, the Women's Quest, extreme downhill skier, web designer, recommends these sites for inexpensive awesome gifts. Don't blame her if you spend too much money (on yourself)!

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