Sponsors and Friends

Sponsors and Friends

Thank you to all of our sponsors! Here are links to their websites and the reasons why I work with them. Please visit their web sites or send them a thank you on behalf of all of us!



Odwalla, ("ode-wall-ah") is serving up over 50 varieties of carefully crafted beverages and bar, and each is designed to bring goodness to your life. We love the taste of Odwalla products and it is important for us to find something that is natural and tasty! Don't keep these wonderful products from your body. They will know what is missing, even if they haven't tried it yet! Visit them at www.odwalla.com

Castlewood Pottery  

Jacqueline Stanford Pottery
Jacqueline is just the Best at EVERYTHING, including pottery!!! She has been making our Women's Quest mugs for years now and everyone loves them. She can make custom mugs and other functional pottery. Jacqueline also makes the most amazing horse hair pots I have ever seen. To see for yourself go to: www.jacquelinestanford.com


Soul I have found a magic formula that has totally helped me re-gain my energy and vitality. It is only seeds. Soul is a natural food product made out of 3 types of seeds (Black Cumin is 50% of the product, then they combined it with Black Raspberry, Chardonnay Grape Seed) and d-ribose. It has no contraindications and if you can eat food, you can take Soul. Today Back Cumin Seed has over 400 modern research projects that have been published on www.pubmed.gov. and 6 medical patents for the following conditions: asthma, diabetes, cancer, excema, immune disorders and viral infections. The seeds just make you happy. I like the seed energy approach cause it has the highest vibration of energy. You can order online at www.myrainlife.com/wqseeds


Sherpani Alpina, based in Boulder, Co., offers a full line of urban, backcountry, professional and baby packs designed exclusively for women who want to bring some style to their outdoor and urban adventures. Check out their product at www.sherpani.com

Mosaic Cycles  

Mosaic Cycles is a custom bicycle manufacturer based out of Boulder, CO. Our focus is on creating a bike that will fit your every need, goal, and desire. If you can dream it, we can build it. From custom frame geometry and fit, to specialized paint and aesthetic design, your bike will be a lasting reflection of you.

Mosaic Cycles is committed to walking you through the process from start to finish, and guarantees a level of attentiveness and personalized care that you will not find anywhere else. Check us out on facebook and at our website: www.mosaiccycles.com

Glass Pedaler  

Glass Pedaler... because life is a beautiful ride! Glass Pedaler creates beautifully hand-crafted glass pendants to keep you and yours inspired. Check out categories related to bicycling, yoga, inspirational sayings, dress up, and other sports. Be sure to visit often because new colors, styles, and themes are added all the time. And if you have something special in mind you would like made, just contact me and I'll see what I can do. Check out their website at: www.glasspedaler.com


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Sponsors and Friends

Jacqueline has the energy of 20 people all squished into one body. Professional triathlete and original Chief Fun Officer...

"That was one of the most memorable and meaningful adventures of my life. Thank you for all the care and thoughtfulness that you put into your retreats. I will be back again!"

~Beth S., Horse Adventure Retreat


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